The Role of Surrender


Humility is the Doorway to Freedom

ImageEgo is about being someone or something. The more we give ourselves over to this movement, the more egotistical we become. But if we want to be free then our doorway is through humility. Humility keeps us in check; it actually allows the floor to fall out from under us. When we are truly humble there is no room for ego. Humility allows us to be who we truly are, because with humility we give up believing in our greatness, and in doing so, realize our innate Divinity.

The ego is the opposite movement of this. The ego moves toward more identity, and identification; it usually fixates as the best or the worst. To awaken out of this, we invite humility. And this humility is our doorway to awakening. And the sustainer of awakening. If we are not humble, we will again find ourselves in the world of duality. Duality is the result of a false identity.; of identifying with division, and righteousness. But to be Free, we have no identity, no righteousness; we don’t give ourselves permission to hold onto anything. And then we become everything.